Playing with the Grown-up Body of a Child

Playing with the Grown-up Body of a Child is a project in collaboration with dance and movement therapists.

A series of eight felted pull and squeeze sensors responding with audio, are designed for the specific target group of adults with a social-emotional age of a nine to twelve-year-old child. This group often experience an unbalance between the body (of an adult) and mind (of a child). The goal of the project is to bring body and mind closer together.

The sensors, placed throughout the room, invite the user in a physical sound play. They are motivated to use all objects in the room, through which qualitative movements are triggered. The objects are robust, and therefore able to withstand the physical strength of an adult.

The process of this project consisted of an in-depth analysis on the meaning and experience of movements and emotion. The analyses through movement exploration are inspired by the insights gained from interviews with several dance and movement therapists. The movement explorations were analysed with the 'Laban Movement Analysis' technique, leading to the specific positions of the sensors in the room.

This project has been individual, in close collaboration with several dance and movement therapists.