I easily get in contact with new people, a trade I happily use when working on my second professional passion: the organisation and production of exhibitions and conferences in the field of design and creative technology. Here, my themes of interests are similar to those I have in my research.

I have experience in the organization of multiple creative technology and design events. Have been responsible for internal and external communication for the ‘Who Cares? Design Cares’ exhibition that has been part of the Helsinki Design Week 2012 and Dutch Design Week 2012, for which I partly lived in Helsinki.

Pictures by Rhys Duindam and Alice van Beukering

In 2014, I have worked and lived in Berlin to work for the Retune festival, carrying the tasks of founding a communication partner network, communication with speakers, organization of travel and accommodation, and being part of the curatorial team.
For the Fiber festival of 2015, I have been part of the communication team with the specific responsibility of the festival’s booklet. Again in 2017, I joined the Fiber festival as an ambassador to promote the festival on social media prior to and during the events.

Pictures by Thomas Schlorke, source: