The Social-intervention-package draws a comparison between smoking as an addiction and the use of smartphones in real life social contexts, as the design is both an atypical phone case as an atypical cigarette package. It is a paper fold package, including a health warning as well as instructions of use printed on the cover.

The emphasis of the design case laid on the critical discussion around the role of technology in our lives. This design takes a critical attitude towards the excessive use of social media, which we believe creates a greedy change in behaviour in relation to the ‘Real-Life’ – the social context without social media.

By performing a provocative intervention in a student bar, the attendees were confronted with their mobile phone use while being in the social context of a student drink.
During this intervention, we found out if people’s interactions expressed acceptance or rejection of the package its statement - put your phone away in real life social contexts. Confronting them with these interactions, a conversation could be started to figure out if they
corresponded with the user's opinion about the statement.

The project is a result from an eight-week long course on 'Constructive Design Research' (Koskinen et al., 2011) with a 'Showroom' approach. The group existed of seven students.

Video impression of the Showroom testing of the Social-intervention-package