Ouderdomsglans (Aging Gloss)

‘Ouderdomsglans’ (‘Aging Gloss’) is a series of five shavers that each show a stage of wear caused by interaction. The more damaged the object, the richer the colour panel of the shaver. They are made out of candle wax, that has been poured in a vacuum shaped mold.

Concept video

This 'Design for Debate' project aims to elicit a discussion on the consumption of objects. There seems to be a great distinction between objects that we treasure and the ones we consume. The ones we treasure are taken care, often appreciated even when they are damaged. Others are with us for much shorter periods of time. We do not seem to 'bond' with and easily throw them out.

With this design we show that the aesthetic appearance of the wearing shavers may enrich the experience of the object.

This design is the result of the two-week course 'Materiality in Time and Context'. The team existed of two students from Industrial Design Eindhoven (responsible for the object), and three students from Communication Sciences Nijmegen (responsible for written cultural reflection about the object).

Video showing the exporation phase of the design process of Aging Gloss