Gromorgaan (Growling Organ)

'Gromorgaan' ('Growling Organ') is a wooden rolling pin that forces you to engage your whole body in the act of rolling dough.

The project is an exploration on the potential of the integration of poetry in design. In this two-week course called 'Poetry in Design', we went through a process in which the experience of the poem 'the girl and the drum' (see below) could be translated in the designed interaction qualities of a rolling pin.

During this process we went back and forth between hands-on explorations and analysis of the poem. This can be seen in the second video.

The team consisted of three students.

This video mood board communicates the experience of reading the poem 'the girl and the drum' by Gerrit Achterberg.

The girl and the drum
Translated from 'het meisje en de trom'.

She found to beat, a drum
Then she became of metal, down to her teeth
A tingle moved towards both hands
To beat with sticks the drum
To stand on a stage with the drum
Bended backwards by the straps
Which connected her to the beating
Of the tensed walls of this growling organ
Her eyes are closed, because she feels
The rhythm prevail throughout her body
An urge that cools itself on the rumbling,
Sacrifice and overpowerment turn into each other
Girl and instrument, mating like animals
The living girl and the dead drum.

Written by Gerrit Achterberg (1905-1962),
translated by Nicky Liebregts.

This video shows the process gone through when re-designing a rolling pin based on the poem 'Het Meisje en de trom' written by Gerrit Achterberg.